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Allmovieland v2 App Features

Allmovieland v2 APK latest version free download for Android. The Allmovieland v2 is a totally free application from the Allmovieland Team that allows you to enjoy most forms of entertainment on your mobile phone. This application gives you access to thousands of TV channels, live cricket matches, news, weather forecasts, trailers for your favorite films, TV shows, and much more from just one application. You no more need to switch on your PC or laptop for that matter to enjoy your favorite form of entertainment on your mobile phone again. All you need to do is simply install this application on your mobile and you are good to go. You get all sorts of entertainment right at your fingertips.


The application comes with thousands of channels that cater to all the different forms of entertainment. You get access to pay-per-view movies, TV shows, news, and world news from all over the world. There are also many channels dedicated to food, health, and lifestyle. As a result, you can now have a variety of options to entertain yourself while on the move. The Allmovieland v2 APK is compatible with most android devices.


The PikaShop APK has some really great features that not only help you to enjoy your video clips on your smartphone but also provide you with great audio tracks. The first version of the app came out with over twenty-nine thousand videos and eleven thousand audio tracks. The latest version comes with two thousand videos and four thousand audio tracks. The captions also come in a variety of languages. The firestick icon present in the Allmovieland v2 APK version enables the user to switch to a point of view called Firestick mode which enables text to be viewed in the video.

Live TV

The Allmovieland v2 app is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Whether you want to catch up with your favorite sports team or simply want to see whats happening across the city, the Allmovieland v2 app gives you a one-place solution. The latest movies, music videos, documentaries, and news are available in this one place where you can also get to see the trailers of upcoming movies.

Internet Connection

A working internet connection is required to use the Allmovieland v2 app. If you don’t have an internet connection then the video and audio tracks will not be viewable. Most of the video and audio tracks are available in High Definition. To view in standard definition the connection speed must be at least sixteen megabits per second. If it is lower, then the quality will be low.


Subtitles are available in the Allmovieland v2 app as well. You can choose from two types of subtitles. One type provides simple English subtitles, while the other provides Arabic and Traditional Chinese subtitles. Using the subtitles option, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies in the comfort of your house without having to wait for your computer or laptop.

Final Words Allmovieland v2 APK Download

All in all, Allmovieland v2 is a great application that comes with excellent features that help make watching live television something that is truly exciting. The interface is clean and simple, and the channel selection is huge. Their application comes pre-installed with a few channels including Comedy Centrals, Australia HD, The Score, Rocket Television, TV Today, and lots more. I only had to install a couple of the most popular Allmovieland v2 channels, which are not even in my cable subscription!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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  • On Sunday 20 November history will be made in Qatar as football fans celebrate the start of the first FIFA World Cup™ in the Arab world. An Opening Ceremony like no other awaits at 5:30 PM Doha time (3:30 PM CET). Immediately after the Ceremony, the Qatar National Team make their tournament debut, facing Ecuador in the Opening Match at 7 PM Doha time (5 PM CET).

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